Oscar nominated filmmaker, Lee Daniels is out and The Weinstein Co., is in search of a new director for their long awaited Richard Pryor Biopic. According to sources, “The Weinstein Co., which is behind the film (it also released The Butler), is said to have declined to wait further for Daniels’ schedule to clear up. He is an executive producer of Fox’s smash television drama Empire, and he has another project at the network, Star, that is requiring a significant time commitment.”


The Return: Faces of Overly Punitive Punishment

The United States serves as the country with the worlds largest incarcerated population. Triggered by a plethora of laws and policies enforced between the 1960s and 1980s we saw an even steeper increase of incarcerations during the 1990s after the implementation of even more policies. “The Return” is a documentary directed by Kelly Duane De La Vega and Katie Galloway that visits the journey of individuals who have been released back into the community after serving long prison terms.

Gift of Gab: A Second Chance

  Written by Michael Bruins “When it rains put on a jacket”, perfect advice for those who run into adversity.  “Gift of Gab” is a short film directed by Michael Jacobs that tells the story of a Timothy “Gift of Gab” Parker, a member of the Hip Hop group Blackalicious.   Suddenly impacted by the…

Phife Dawg: An Untouched Legacy

Hip-Hop continues to inspire, innovate, and shape the cultural soundtracks of our society. It speaks a language of the people while providing a creative lens for expression and discourse. With the passing of time comes the dreadful occurrence of losing legendary pioneers that have helped to positively impact and carve the complex and socially constructed legacy of hip-hop.

[AUDIO] An Inside Look at ‘Trapped’ with Director Dawn Porter

Director Dawn Porter combined her experience with law, policy, and film to introduce us to “Trapped”, a documentary aimed at enlightening audiences about the abortion debate through the lens of the service providers. Passionate about women’s health and an end to socioeconomic warfare on the working class, “Trapped” shares the narrative of the long term effects that TRAP Laws have placed on the majority of women’s health clinics around the country. The documentary has currently been making its rounds in the film festival circuit and is currently being distributed in select theaters this month. CINEMATIQ magazine talks to award-winning filmmaker, Dawn Porter about TRAP Laws, financing her projects, education, politics, and women’s rights..

[VIDEO] #NINA Starring #ZoeSaldana Premieres 4/22/16

  Like it or not, ‘Nina’ starring Zoe Saldana is complete!  The long-awaited and controversial biopic about singer, songwriter, pianist and (Black) civil rights activist, Nina Simone is set to be released in theaters, VOD and Digital HD on April 22, 2016 through RLJ Entertainment. The film chronicle Nina Simone and the rise to fame…