1804movieposterTariq Nasheed, author, lecture and filmmaker of controversial documentary series, Hidden Colors presents a first look at his latest project, 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti. He premiered the first look trailer live on Tariq Live via his YouTube channel. He also launched his crowd sourcing campaign on a new platform, Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter, his go to platform to raise funds. He stated in Tariq Live YouTube channel that Kickstarter gave him a hard time when he tried to create a campaign for 1804 and wanted him to change a few things before they approve his campaign. Tariq states, they gave him several excuses to prevent him from his campaign going live so he decided to launch the campaign on Indiegogo instead. Nasheed states, ” I do not beg anyone in the dominant society to take my money! Whenever we start talking about history where black folks are winning all of a sudden it becomes funny style stuff.”

Nasheed crowd-sourcing record of accomplishment on Kickstarter has proven successful. He managed to go from raising $30,000 ($20,00 asking goal) with Hidden Colors 1 and having a solid 300 backers to $75,000 ($25,000 over his asking goal) with triple backers of over 900 to $130,000 ($60,000 asking goal) and well over 2,200 backers for Hidden Colors 4: The Religious of White Supremacy (his latest installment). Nasheed success garnered from using white mainstream media outlets like CNN and FOX including popular white owned hip-hop radio stations like NYC’s Hot97 (DJ Flex) and 105.1 the new home to Angie Martinez (former radio personality on Hot 97), and The Breakfast Club hosted by Angela Yee, DJ Ivy and Charlemagne. 

Love him or hate him one thing for sure, Tariq Nasheed is doing it on his own, green-lighting his own projects and doing it his own way! Independent filmmakers may want to take note on his business model or marketing strategy. Tariq states, “I want to tell our story before the white wash version comes out. Danny Glover did it and failed, Nate Parker did it and the media is all over him so it was important the hidden truth, our version comes out produced by us.”

For more information, see the trailer below and go to 1804movie.com.



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