CINEMATIQ Magazine will be on #SnapChat at #UWFF Sept 22 -25! Follow @CINEMATIQmag for exclusives…



New York, NY (September 22, 2016) – CINEMATIQ magazine is now on Snap Chat! Follow at user name CINEMATIQmag for behind the scene exclusives and announcements. The first Snap Chat will begin at this year Urban World Film Festival to help celebrate their 20th Anniversary! Go behind the scenes with publisher and photographer, Angel Brown as she cover the red carpets throughout the festival.

“Snap Chat is the place to be right now. If Dj Khaled can find success on the fairly new platform and take his brand to higher heights why can’t I do the same with CINEMATIQ magazine? A year a so ago, no one was looking for Dj Khaled let alone taking him seriously. My publication is independently produced, we’re a very small fish in the pond but you never know – so hey, why not. Let’s have fun! This is a great way to connect with my readers,”say Brown.

The next issue of CINEMATIQ magazine is  Winter 2016 with an entire new volume, layout, logo, website and web/podcast shows. The magazine will continue to be available in print and finally premiere their digital platform.

Brown is also moderating a panel at this years Black and Latino Filmmaker’s Coalition annual business conference, October 15, 2016 led by founder Babatunde Odesanya.

If you’re walking the red carpet this year at the Urban world Film Festival, be sure to smile  you may be on Snap Chat!

About CINEMATIQ Magazine
CINEMATIQ Magazine (subtitle “Voice of Distinct Perspective”) a national film art, culture, and business magazine with a focus on critiques of Black images in cinema and their makers. We aim to create a platform for all minds to be stimulated through thought-provoking articles, interviews and reviews from the distinct perspective of film journalists, critics, renaissance artists of the time and scholar’s of color, helping to balance the world’s cinematic view. Check out clips, trailers, web exclusive, interviews and overall coverage of film related events. Be sure to spread the word and SUBSCRIBE!


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