Gift of Gab: A Second Chance

Gift of Gab live in concert at Bristol| Photo provided by

Gift of Gab live in concert at Bristol| Photo provided by


Written by Michael Bruins

“When it rains put on a jacket”, perfect advice for those who run into adversity.  “Gift of Gab” is a short film directed by Michael Jacobs that tells the story of a Timothy “Gift of Gab” Parker, a member of the Hip Hop group Blackalicious.


Suddenly impacted by the effects a major health crisis, this project tells a story of reinvention and promise.  We’re briefly taken into the life of Timothy Parker as he continues to adjust to his new normal.  After experiencing a life changing health crisis and being put in position where he must become accustomed to a new way of living,  Timothy Parker finds himself in a predicament where he can either give up on his passionate ambitions or press through his setbacks and use them as an opportunity to prosper and reclaim control of his destiny.


‘Gift of Gab’ illustrates the importance of having a positive and proactive mindset when caught in a gloomy situation.  With music and vintage footage incorporated into the film audiences can expect to be taken on a crash course of life, fame, and inspiration.


“Gift of Gab” was an official selection at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. It is also a part of  CINEMATIQ Magazine’s inSHORT ongoing online curated series featuring shorts, short film content and web series. Follow CINEMATIQ Magazine on Instagram and Facebook for more coverage of Tribeca.


Check out the dope socially conscious music video by Blackalicious below:



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