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[PODCAST #5| CINEMATIQ Talk: STEPHEN WINTER -‘ Jason and Shirley’]


New York – (CINEMATIQmag.com) – October 22, 2015. CINEMATIQ Talk (web exclusive podcast) presented by CINEMATIQ Magazine returns with special guest, Stephen Winter to promote his latest film project, JASON AND SHIRLEY.

50 years before RuPaul… there was Jason Holliday. The most fabulous and controversial black queen you’ve never heard of!

December 1966, Jason was known throughout the New York pre-Stonewall gay world as the hottest mess around. Shirley Clarke was Jewish, wealthy and a rare female film director of her era to gain national prominence. Shirley invited Jason Holliday to her Chelsea Hotel penthouse to film him telling wild stories from his turbulent life, determined to find a groundbreaking “truth” in documentary. This footage became A PORTRAIT OF JASON, (1967), and was hailed a masterpiece, as Jason tells stories of racism, homophobia, abuse and prostitution with Shirley urging him towards a tangled emotional breakdown that is unforgettable. jasonandshirleyfilm.com

On this episode of CINEMATIQ Talk, CINEMATIQ Magazine publisher Angel Brown chat it up with Stephen Winter as he shares his experiences collaborating with actors Jack Waters (Jason Holiday) and Sarah Schulman (Shirley Clarke) on directing his spectacular film, JASON AND SHIRLEY. His film was inspired by white, Jewish Oscar — winner Shirley Clarke’s 1967 classic documentary, A PORTRAIT OF JASON.

On a bright breezy sunny afternoon in Long Island City, Brown interviewed Stephen Winter oddly enough on a bench surrounded by flowers under the 7 train! Brown was determined to get Winter’s views on his growing controversial interpretation of what took place behind the scenes of Clarke’s 12 hour shoot!

Once the recorder started rolling, Winter heard how excited Brown was and they both engaged for an exciting and insightful interview. Enjoy!

***JASON AND SHIRLEY is now playing a Museum for Modern Art (MoMA) until Oct 27!***


Based on a true story, JASON AND SHIRLEY thrillingly recreates the dark, electrifying, take-no-prisoners 1966 power struggle between Jewish, Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Shirley Clarke and her subject, Jason Holiday, a fierce black gay queen over a 12-hour marathon filming session which gave rise to Clarke’s iconic documentary Portrait of Jason. http://www.jasonandshirleyfilm.com

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WATCH CLIP(of classic 1967 film, PORTRAIT OF JASON)




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