[AUDIO] CINEMATIQ TALK w/NELSON GEORGE- A Ballerina’s Tale director

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interview by Michael Bruins on Monday, October 13, 2015 for CINEMATIQ Magazine

New York – (CINEMATIQmag.com) – October 14, 2015. CINEMATIQ Talk (web exclusive) presented by CINEMATIQ Magazine returns with special guest, Nelson George to promote his latest film project, ‘A Ballerina’s Tale’.

With a very successful career in film, television, journalism, and literature Nelson George is currently enjoying the critical acclaim and success of ‘A Ballerina’s Tale’. The documentary takes audiences on a journey into the life and comeback of world renowned principal ballerina & performer Misty Copeland.

On this episode of CINEMATIQ Talk, CINEMATIQ Magazine contributor Michael Bruins sits down with the director as he shares his thoughts, experiences, and ideas on everything from the film concept, mood including the soundtrack inspired by the sound of Misty’s dance steps to the state of the hip-hop music industry.

Not afraid to expound upon his track record, Nelson George gives CINEMATIQ Magazine a depth account of his production style with the filming of A Ballerina’s Tale.  In addition to the actual filming process, Nelson George details the significance of Kick Starter programs both the pros and cons, as well as the importance of music when it comes to polishing a film, the telling of unheard narratives, and what to expect from him in the near future.

Prepare to be taken on a journey filled with historic accounts of his earlier years working with acts such as Chris Rock and Spike Lee, as well as his world travels and his experience in literature.

***’A Ballerina’s Tale’ is now in theaters and on VOD today!***

About Nelson George

Nelson George has had a very successful career in multiple outlets of entertainment since the mid 80’s.  With credits like ‘CB4, The N Word, Brooklyn Boheme, and Life Support to his name Nelson George has given audiences a diverse variety of different films that tackle many different issues from gentrification to HIV.  Nelson George is also a published author with more than a dozen released novels.  He’s worked as a television producer helping with programs like VH-1’s Hip Hop Honors & The Chris Rock Show.  He also has had a successful career in journalism working for publications like Billboard Magazine and Village Voice.

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