In the next few weeks, CINEMATIQ magazine will begin to roll out previews of the long awaited issue. Volume 2 of the publication is a complete make over of the magazine with new columns, more features accompanied by exclusive video/audio, resources and an online filmmakers community where all can support one another. CINEMATIQ Magazine will launch in print and will be available for digital download through your favorite online book store this Spring! In the meantime, enjoy a preview of our new Book column featuring author/filmmaker, Teresa Dowell-Vest, Passage Home!

Passage Home image courtesy of Teresa Dowell-Vest

Passage Home image courtesy of Teresa Dowell-Vest


Review by Karen Marbury

Writer Terésa Dowell-Vest’s debut novel, Passage Home is the story of four brothers, who find themselves in strategic government and corporate positions at an important time in U.S. history. Jamison Darcel, the most ambitious of the brothers, works for the powerful USA Corporation, which is responsible for overseeing the sudden deportation of all undocumented workers back to their home countries, as well as the creation of an “all-in-one” national identity card, which eliminates currency and houses all of an individual’s financial, medical, and DNA records, and serves as their lone source of official identification. Jamieson has also been tapped to lead a project designed to right a wrong of African American enslavement, by providing DNA testing for all African Americans to determine their ancestral homeland, and provide free “passage home” to visit these places of origin. However, the opportunity has devastating implications for the Darcels and the nation.
Passage Home is a vibrant novel that reads like a powerful action thriller. Dowell-Vest leaves her reader wanting more engagement with her characters and story. Her use of rich visual language skillfully creates images that make Passage Home easy to imagine as a film or theater adaptation. Through a deft use of language, particularly quick-paced and witty dialogue, Dowell-Vest pulls her reader deep into her world of story and imagination. As well, her likeable characters, political intrigue, and fresh and imaginative plot make this 200+ page work, a fast-paced and amazingly entertaining read that will leave readers anxiously craving a sequel. CLICK HERE to purchase your copy or visit!


Karen Marbury writes and lives in Takoma Park, Maryland. Her work can be found at


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