Numa Perrier of Black&SexyTV speak to CINEMATIQ Magazine about Spike Lee, new film, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ and BSTV new business model

Numa Perrier

Numa Perrier

New York – ( – July 8, 2014. CINEMATIQ Talk (web exclusive) presented by CINEMATIQ Magazine returns with special guest, Numa Perrier, director of programming and development for Black and Sexy TV. Angel Brown, publisher, and host of the podcast managed to catch up with Numa shortly after the world premiere of Spike Lee latest film project, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ at the American Black Film Festival in New York City.

In a 4- part discussion, Numa talk about her involvement with the project as crowd-sourcing expert and campaign manager. She gives great insight on what it takes to run a successful crowd-sourcing campaign and shared two major changes Spike Lee had to implement that would “guarantee” reaching his goal. “Guarantee is a strong word but he had to succeed. If he wins, we wins, if he loses, we all lose,” said Numa. “I saw a lot of things he was doing right and I saw a lot of things that was making me nervous. I became very concern and I kinda-sorta-of went on a bit of a twitter rant about it” said Numa. “There were a lot of haters. There were a lot of Black filmmakers very negative about the campaign,” said Numa.

Several celebrity actors and producers used Kickstarter and Indiegogo as platforms to raise funds for their film project; no one received such negative controversy as much as Spike Lee specifically from mainstream media and from some independent film communities. During Spike Lee’s press trail, he had to defend his project being on Kickstarer many times over. The Veronica Mars project raised over 5 million dollars in less than a half an hour according to the Washington Post and  received more praise than negativity around their campaign compared to Spike Lee. Whoopi Goldberg received flack during her successful crowd-sourcing campaign project, ‘I Got Somethin’ To Tell You’ a documentary on the American stand-up comedian Moms Mabley.

Based on the the history of independent film, particularly, Black theme films, crowd-sourcing was the same method used to raised funds. The only difference is, you have access to a larger audience all at once. You are now able to pitch directly to your audience. ‘The Spook Who Sat Next to the Door’, ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss’ and a host of other films and their Black makers has independently raised funding for their project the “snail mail way”.   Writing hundreds of  letters by hand was real. Now, with the click of a mouse, and/or swipe, the letter you typed or text is send to thousands of potential supporter around he world using crowd-sourcing platforms and shared via social media.

In part two of the discussion, Numa shares her critique of, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’, the casting process and the outstanding performances by leads Stephen Tyrone Williams and Zaraah Abraham. Part three and four continues with, Numa providing updates about “The Couple” HBO development deal, followed by which  Black & Sexy TV series will return with a possible new cast member. The discussion ends with Numa  sharing the new Black&SexyTV Business model.

Get your pad and pencil out or actually –  tablet and/or mobile devices for note taking. Numa gives great advice for anyone looking to start a crowd-sourcing campaign no matter what level you are in the industry. She also tells you what type of programming Black & Sexy TV is on the look out to produce and more. Click on the links below to listen to the interview.

Black&SexyTV new schedule

This past Fourth of July weekend, Black&SexyTV premiered the new season of “Hello Cupid” and “RoomieLoverFriend”. See all new episodes at Blackandsexy.TV or via

Listen to the discussion in four parts at your leisure. The downloading option is also available for your convenience.

The 4-part series consist of the following segments:
Part 1 The Campaign – Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (7/8/14)
Part 2 The Review – Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (7/8/14)
Part 3 The Couple update & more – Black & Sexy TV   (7/9/14)
Part 4 The Business Model & new show – Black & Sexy TV (7/9/14)


About Numa Perrier

Numa is an actress, artist, writer, and filmmaker.  For BLACK&SEXY.TV she serves as Director of Programming and Development, ushering projects from script to screen. She co-stars and writes for the networks hit series The Couple (in development at HBO). She also co-created and writes Roomieloverfriends (Best Web Series 2013 ABFF).  Her most recent project she created for the network is YELLOW a satirical docu- series about the pleasures and problems of the light skinned black man.

CINEMATIQ Magazine presents, CINEMATIQ Talk, web exclusives of working filmmakers in front and/or behind the lens for an intimate discussion on their latest cinematic piece of film art that will stimulate your mind. From actor to producer, screenwriter to cinematographer, learn how they are elevating the game and pushing the envelope with their projects.


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