CINEMATIQ Magazine First Issue (Throwback)

CINEMATIQ Magazine first issue! 2011

In celebration of Black History Month, enjoy the first ever issue of CINEMATIQ Magazine! BROWN-ROSS Publishings first published this issue in 2011. The idea was to publish a quarterly resource magazine with a distinct perspective on Black themed cinema. We wanted to promote, honor, re-educate and celebrate the Black experience in our own words –  in doing so, we provided a platform for the emerging and established filmmaker taking strides to entertain and educate us all. It has been a long journey but we are still here, we are still standing! After the second issue, we decided to go on hiatus and redevelop the magazine.  The publication has evolved into a stronger brand. During our We are on our way to becoming the nations go to publication on the art, culture and business of cinematic portrayals dominated by images of the African Diaspora. Read and download the full issue FREE or purchase a print and own a piece of history. Stand by for the long-awaited 2014/2015 Winter issue set to launch December 2014.


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