CINEMATIQ Talk w/special guest, Yolonda Ross analyzing the placement of black images in ‘Breaking Night’ [video]

[Promo Video. Listen to full interview below]

Yolonda Ross, actress, writer and director have a candid discussion with Angel Brown, CINEMATIQ Magazine publisher, and host of new podcast, CINEMATIQ Talk (Web exclusive), on analyzing characters of color placement in her new film, ‘Breaking Night’ and how imagery is influential in one’s life. The two-part discussion begins, Monday, July 8 (Part 1) and concludes, Tuesday, July 9 (Part 2) via  Yolonda and Angel also briefly explores; the use and importance of sound designed, character study with minimal dialogue, cinematography and lighting design specifically of light and dark images within the same frame and overall, and visual storytelling.

Images portrayed and examined by the viewer are at most, tied into the framing and directing of actors and actresses in a scene. At times, the very same images can play into stereotypes with or without the storyteller knowing. Throughout this podcast, a few questions arise from analyzing, ‘Breaking Night’; how authentic are the images we see on television, in cinemas and/or the images we see in everyday living? Are those images an illusion of what the storytellers want you to see or is it an interpretation of what the storyteller, which maybe an “outsider” from their audience (meaning one who is outside of your financial status, gender, community or race) thinks it may or should be? Maybe it is simply the storyteller experience, which may lead to it being their perspective or are they pulling from unconsciously stored images from their mind from past stereotypes/no stereotypes images. Either way, imagery is influential in one’s life and it up to you to decipher between what is authentic to you or an interpretation.

About Breaking Night…

In 1970’s rural Louisiana, a young girl flees her small town, shedding her ‘fast girl’ image, emerging as a young woman with purpose as night gives way to morning—

Synopsis: A young girl, going nowhere fast, flees her small town with her boyfriend. By circumstance, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, she meets a couple like none she has ever seen before. That chance meeting changes her outlook. As night gives way to morning, she abandons the young ‘fast girl’ she was, emerging as a young woman with purpose, into the light.

Genre Drama

Starring Yolonda Ross, Levi Fiehler, Otto DeJean and Clarke Peters

Directed By Yolonda Ross

Produced By Timothy Mather, Alexander Payne, Yolonda Ross

Cinematography  By Justin Zweifach

The two-part discussion begins, Monday, July 8 and concludes, Tuesday, July 9. Join the discussion and leave your thoughts. The podcast will be available the following places:

Soundcloud via CINEMATIQ Magazine

Facebook and YouTube via CINEMATIQ TV

Yolonda Ross Bio: | |@yolondaross
Yolonda Ross made her feature film debut as the lead in the critically acclaimed HBO feature, ‘Stranger Inside’, directed by Cheryl Dunye. The film premiered at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival and won the Audience Award at Outfest, the San Francisco Film Festival and the Philadelphia Film Festival. Ross’ performance earned her an IFP Gotham Award, an Independent Spirit Award Nomination, Outfest Screen Idol Nomination and Variety named her one of its “10 Actors to Watch.” A dedicated member of the Labyrinth Theater Company, Ross has a vast portfolio of work which includes films like ‘Shortbus’, ‘I’m Not There’, ‘Yelling to the Sky’, ‘Choke’, and HBO’s Phil Spector. After recently wrapping a season on “Treme”, Ross can be seen in the upcoming John Sayles film, ‘Go for Sisters’, and in her own directorial debut short film, ‘Breaking Night’.




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