‘BAD25’ OPENS IN LA TODAY! (Oct26-Nov2)[Video]

'Bad25' still

Remember Tower Records in NYC?

Bad25 continues it theatrical rounds, opening in Los Angeles, California today, Oct 26 to Nov. 2nd at Chinese 6 Theaters; 6801 Hollywood Blvd.  Directed by Spike Lee, in honor of the albums 25th Anniversary, the film gives fans, access to rare unseen footage of behind-the-scenes documentation chronicling Michael Jackson “Bad” album and tour .  The film consist of interviews by pop celebrities giving accolades to Michael Jackson mixed in with surprising uncovering truth about who Michael wanted to be involved with the “Bad” album project as well as testimonials by those who were actually involved.  Without giving too much away, some questions around the 1985 controversial acquisition of the Beatles’ songbook are explored as a side note. Only the fans will understand and appreciate Spike use of the side note and the opportunity to keep things in perspective.  It is apparent; Spike took the time to dig deep in the archive to come up with a fan-driven piece of work.  In short, Bad25 is the continuation of what This Is It started, a series of in-depth exploration of a man (Love him, or hate him) everyone wants to know name Michael J. Jackson.  If you missed the one-week NY theatrical run, you have this week to catch it on the big screen in LA before it is due to air on ABC November 25, 2012.

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