Legendary director/writer/producer Sidney Lumet has passed away at the age of 86, Saturday, April 9, 2011. His stepdaughter, Leslie Gimbel, told The New York Times that Lumet died of lymphoma. He is survived by wife, Mary Gimbel, daughters Amy Lumet and Jenny Lumet (by ex-wife Gail Lumet Buckley – daughter of the late great Lena Horne) among many family and friends.

Sometimes remakes of movies are done to reintroduce a classic historic film to a younger audience or to include a different perspective. I believe Sidney Lumet (1924-2011) has done that with the adaptation of  The Wiz (1978). Although there are many flaws and debatable issues with the film, overall, I think we all can agree, the film is an African-American classic. Perhaps Lumet wanted to show his half black daughters another perspective, The Wizard of Oz (1939) did not.

Sidney Lumet leaves behind a legacy of great American cinema to study, examine and challenge the mind.  Two films that stood out to me during his long career of directing in Hollywood are, thought-provoking films, 12 Angry Men (1957) and The Verdict (1982). His way of directing and conscious selective of film projects is one to study and take note.

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