CINEMATIQ CLASSIC MOVIE PICK: The Color Purple Finally on Blu Ray!

Twenty-five long years before Tyler Perry gave us his many hues and insider views of the lives  of colored girls, Spielberg gave us but one color, Purple. The Color Purple, follows the dramatic life of Celie, who is molested, impregnated twice then sold to a father of 3 before her 18th birthday.   This  period drama and sweeping epic is based on the prize winning novel by Alice Walker.  Though available on DVD for well over a decade the film’s debut onto Blu-ray is an auspicious one as its release provides fans a greater visual and audio experience than the other out-dated formats.  According to viewers can enjoy the following: Be sure to order a copy at the CINEMATIQ Black Classic Store!


    • Conversations with Ancestors: The Color Purple From Book to Screen (SD, 27 minutes): Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker and producer/director Steven Spielberg are the focus of this documentary that follows the film from conception to completion.
    • A Collaboration of Spirits: Casting and Acting The Color Purple (SD, 29 minutes):A discussion on the casting of the film that offers some insight into why the ensemble managed to work seamlessly.
    • Cultivating a Classic: The Making of The Color Purple (SD, 24 minutes):A behind the scenes Documentary that discusses the production aspects of the pieces.
    • The Color Purple: The Musical (SD, 8 minutes): A glance into the Music of the film as orchestrated by Quincy Jones.
    • Galleries (HD, 13 minutes): Two photo galleries
  • Trailers (SD, 4 minutes): 3 Original theatrical trailers.

Though the book is decidedly a richer entertainment experience the movie is a time honored classic worthy of Blu Ray quality and cost.

The Color Purple Blu-Ray was released January 25th 2011

Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls on DVD February 8th 2011


Watch trailer



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